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Cate squeaked softly at Jon’s seductive declaration.  She could see the desire blazing in his eyes and the sexual tension rippling through his body, but his voice was calm and steady.  His self-discipline was amazing.  Cate felt the last of her self-control slip away when Jon smiled at her.

She took a deep breath and unsteadily moved toward Jon, reaching out her hand toward his.  His fingers closed around hers and he took another step back, guiding her to the center of the blanket.  When Cate paused Jon circled around behind her, allowing her hand to slip from his. 

“Relax, Baby…” he whispered, stepping up behind Cate and resting his hands lightly on her almost-bare hips.  Jon nuzzled through her thick auburn tresses, seeking the side of her neck.  “Let me pleasure you.”

“Okay…” Cate breathed, a soft smile turning her lips.  “I’m in your hands.”

Yes you are.”  Jon flexed his fingers gently against Cate’s hips, slipping them under the purple lace stretched across her smooth skin.  Nudging aside her hair, Jon slowly feathered kisses down her neck and along the curve of her shoulder.  With a gentle nip he paused and straightened.

“Know what feels good?”  Jon murmured as he swept Cate’s thick mane of hair to the side, uncovering her back.


“This.”  Bracketing the base of her neck between his thumb and index finger Jon squeezed gently, working small circles against her muscles.

Ohhhhh yeah…”

Jon chuckled softly as Cate’s shoulders slumped in relaxation, responding to his massage.  Her happy purr sent a warm flush through his body.  He continued the motion for another long minute, then shifted his hand to place his index and middle finger on either side of Cate’s spine.  Slowly he drew his hand downward, applying gentle pressure against her backbone.  Cate groaned aloud, her head dropping forward and her eyes fluttering closed.

“There you go, Baby.  Just relax.  Give in.  Let go.  I’ll take it from here.”  Jon’s croon was rhythmic, coaxing.

Cate chuckled huskily.  “Christ, you keep that up and I’m just gonna collapse right here.”

Jon grinned, flattening his palm against the small of her back and rubbing with the heel of his hand.  “Try to hang on, Baby.  I wanna keep you on your feet just a little longer.” 

Cate just sighed in response, turning her head slightly so Jon could see her raptured smile.  He chuckled and lowered his mouth to the back of Cate’s neck.  Purring at the warmth of her skin against his lips, Jon sucked gently at the bump of her vertebra then slowly moved his mouth lower, tracing the ridge of her backbone. 

His hands slipped again to Cate’s hips, steadying his balance as he crouched, then knelt behind Cate.  When Jon’s lips reached the barrier of purple lace he smiled, sucking the edge of the delicate fabric between his teeth.  Simultaneously his fingers looped under the lacy tops of her panties where they stretched across the points of her hips.

Cate laughed throatily as she felt Jon peel her panties away, allowing his mouth unobstructed access to her shapely ass.  “You better not bite me again,” she warned playfully, in veiled invitation.

“But you’re delicious.”  Jon pressed his teeth against a taut cheek and nipped.  He was rewarded with a breathy hiss of pleasure.  Trailing his hands down Cate’s outer thighs, Jon dragged the purple scrap of lace to her ankles, where he left it puddled.  He sucked again at the curve of her ass, his hands slipping up to massage her tight calves.

“So are you.  But you won’t let me have a taste.”  Cate’s breathy pout made Jon chuckle against her skin.

“We’ll see.  Maybe if you’re good.”

“I’m always good, Baby.”

“No argument here.”  Jon smirked at her boast.  “But tonight I’m in charge.  You just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

With that comment Jon stood up on his knees and reached a hand to push at Cate’s hips, cueing her to turn to face him.  She slowly revolved in place then stood smiling down at Jon, her thick auburn tresses cascading over her breasts.

Jon reached up to stroke a ginger strand, his thumb brushing over a peaked nipple in the process.  He saw Cate’s abdomen tighten in response.  With a playful growl Jon lowered his mouth to Cate’s navel, gently worrying the little silver stud there with the tip of his tongue.

Cate let out a soft whimper as Jon’s lips slipped further down the flat expanse of her belly, to the soft private skin beneath.  She reached forward to twine her fingers into his hair, steadying herself as her thighs trembled. Her womb clenched at the feel of Jon’s warm breath ruffling the thin strip of fur cloaking her cleft.

“You smell so sweet.  I know that’s how you taste.”

“Oh God… Baby….”  Cate’s knees almost buckled at his sexy rumble.  If he put his lips on her there was no way she’d be able to stay on her feet.

“Come down here.”  Jon’s command was on a whisper, his hands steadying her hips.

Cate immediately kicked her panties to the side and sank to her knees.  She sighed again as her skin contacted the silky fur of the blanket spread beneath them.  “Oh, Jonny….”

Jon raised a hand to trace his thumb along her jaw, gazing into her swirling sapphire eyes.  He smiled before lowering his lips to hers in a slow, sultry kiss.  He felt Cate’s body quivering, her muscles taut as bowstrings in anticipation of what was yet to come.  “Stay there,” he murmured against her mouth before pulling back.

Cate nodded breathlessly, her eyes wide and shining.  She settled back on her heels, watching Jon as he slowly stood.  Her lips parted eagerly as his hands went to his waist.

“Do you want me to leave these on, Baby?  I know you love the feel of leather against your skin.”

Cate immediately shook her head, auburn waves rippling with the movement.  “No.  I want to feel you.”

Jon chuckled.  “You sure?”  He turned to the side, craning his neck to look at his behind.  “They make my ass look pretty damned good!”

“Jon.  Take them off.”  It was apparent from Cate’s tone she was no longer interested in fashion or how it accentuated her husband’s assets.

With a playful grin Jon turned back around.  He waggled his brows and gave Cate a sexy pout as he slipped the maroon leather vest off his torso and tossed it onto the chair behind him.  Then his hands moved to his groin.  He slowly pulled down the zipper, parting the halves of his fly and pushing the supple leather down over the points of his hips. 

Jon paused for a moment, the leather pants skimming the tops of his thighs, his cock rising from its lush bed of fur at his groin.  He chuckled softly as he watched Cate evaluate him, her tongue sliding unconsciously over her lips.  Maybe he would give in and let her do what she wanted.  Far be it from him to deny his wife the opportunity to practice her fellatio skills.

Shaking his head slightly to remind himself to stick to his plan, Jon bent to push the snug leather down his legs.  After freeing himself from the pants he stood still for another moment, looking at Cate.  Their eyes met and they shared a smile.  Then Jon moved, circling around behind Cate and dropping to his knees on the luxurious blanket. 

Widening his stance he moved up behind her, his torso pressing to her back as his arms slipped around her waist.  Cate sighed and leaned back against Jon, resting her arms on his across her abdomen and tipping her head back against his shoulder.  “Oh Baby…. you feel so good.”

“So do you.”  Jon groaned softly as his dick nestled perfectly into the cleft between her ass cheeks.  Trying to ignore his cock’s demand for satisfaction, Jon nibbled at Cate’s delicate earlobe.  “You’re so smooth, so warm… so perfect.”

Cate purred happily and snuggled back against Jon.  “I could stay like this all night.”  She chuckled throatily as her body protested, releasing another flush of heat through her synapses.  “But you better not make me.”

Jon grinned.  “No worries.”  He gently disengaged one arm from around her waist and trailed his fingers down the inside of Cate’s thigh toward her knee.  She moaned softly and shifted, trying to open her legs further and inviting him to reverse his hand’s movement. 

Jon chuckled at her response and dropped his hand to the floor.  Weaving his fingertips into the thick fur of the mink blanket, Jon crumpled some of the fabric up into his fist.  He tugged at the heavy throw, pulling one corner of it toward him and Cate until he was able to grasp its edge.

“Baby, what are you do…. Ohhhh…..”  Cate’s question was immediately answered when Jon lightly trailed the edge of the blanket against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.  She shivered with delight, another rush of warmth dampening her core.

“Exquisite,” Jon murmured as he watched Cate’s body respond to the silky brush of the fur over her skin.  A pink flush crept across her chest and her nipples visibly contracted, peaking above the mahogany waves that flowed around her breasts.  Jon drew the blanket’s edge further upward, over her mound, her abdomen, and her navel, the heavy, plush fabric settling over her skin in the wake of his exploration.

“Ohhhh….” Cate writhed against Jon’s gentle torture, her back arching and her ass pressing more firmly against his crotch.  “Oh my God, Baby…”  Her breathing shallowed as her body responded of its own accord.

“You like this,” Jon observed quietly, brushing the fur up the side of her breast and across her nipple.

YESSSSSSS…..”  Cate’s response was half hiss, half whimper.  “Oh Baby….  Please….”  Her fingertips dug into Jon’s forearm, which was still around her waist.

“Please what, Baby?”

“Please… Please…” Cate paused, panting, not really even knowing what she was begging for.  “I… God… I’m so… so wet….”  Her self-control was gone, her body fully enslaved by the waves of pleasure coursing through her nervous system.

“Mmmm.  Let me see.” 

Releasing the edge of the mink blanket and allowing it to drape heavily over Cate’s torso, Jon let his hand go flat against her stomach.  He slithered it downward, his palm against her warm skin, until his fingers slipped into the downy nest at the apex of her thighs.  Cate whimpered and shuddered as she felt the smooth pressure of his calloused fingertip against her clit.  “OH!  Jonny!”

A husky chuckle rumbled from Jon’s chest at Cate’s breathy yelp.   “Yeah, Baby.  You’re soaked.”  He grazed lightly over her clit then slid his finger further down, between her slick lips.  “I might be able to help you with that.”  A second slender finger joined the first, stroking rhythmically, playing her like an instrument.

“Oh… Baby, Please…”  Cate’s grip closed Jon’s other hand, trying to pry it away from her waist.  He maintained his firm hold on her, allowing her only minimal movement as she squirmed against his intimate touch.  She arched harder against Jon’s chest, feeling his hard pec muscles press against her back while the mink blanket slithered over her front, heightening her arousal.

Jon groaned as Cate’s writhing ground her ass against his groin.  His dick was throbbing and his balls were so tight he swore he could feel his sac expanding like a water balloon.  He sucked his lower lip between his teeth, biting down to distract himself from his urgent need.  Tonight was supposed to be about Cate, not him.

Jon felt Cate’s fingertips dig into his quadriceps as she gripped his thighs.  “Oh God!  Jonny!  Please!”  Cate begged, panting and gasping.  “I want you!”

Jon dropped his mouth to Cate’s ear.  “What do you want from me?”  He was unable to hide his arousal in his eager growl.

“Baby… Please…”  Cate pushed back hard against Jon’s crotch, making him grunt.  “You’re so hard… I’m so fucking turned on… I want you.  Fuck me, Jon.  Fuck me hard.”

Jon gasped, delighted with her demand.  “You sure?”

“Goddammit, Jon, YES!

With a relieved groan Jon swiftly pulled his hand from between Cate’s legs and pushed at her back, between her shoulder blades.  Understanding perfectly what he wanted, Cate bent forward at the waist.  Bracing her forearms against the floor she tipped her ass upward, presenting herself to him.  “Baby, hurry!” she urged, feeling a searing tingle in her breasts as her nipples brushed against the mink blanket bunched under her on the floor.

“Oh, FUCK, Cate!”  Seeing his wife in such a naughty pose caused Jon to abandon all hope of self-control.  In a flash he rose to his knees, grasped her hips, and plunged his swollen cock inside her. 

Cate cried out with pleasure as he filled her, satisfying her need and launching her toward relief.  Bracing her hands against the floor she rocked back hard, almost knocking Jon off-balance as he drove into her again.  “God Baby… ohhhh…. you feel so fucking good… So… So… SOOO….”  Cate’s praise turned into a shriek of ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her, making her writhe and convulse around Jon’s cock. 

With his own guttural groan of abandon, Jon dug his fingers into Cate’s hips and held on tight, his thighs trembling and his glutes clenching as his climax overtook him.  He gasped involuntarily and shuddered as waves of spasm rippled through him again and again.  “Oh Cate…” he panted.  “God, I… I’m… I’m sorry… I wanted you to…”

Cate looked back over her shoulder and smiled groggily, a glow of satisfaction lighting her features.  “Don’t be sorry, Baby,” she breathed.  “That was fan-fucking-tastic.”  She giggled softly.  "I don't mind sharing my Christmas present.  Especially like that."

Jon couldn’t help but chuckle at her praise.  He let his chin drop to his chest and drew in a deep breath, then blew it out slowly.  Relaxing his grip on Cate’s hips he slowly withdrew from her and sat back on his heels.

With a husky chuckle Cate let her knees slide out from under her and dropped to the floor.  She groaned softly as her full body came into contact with the plush mink blanket, the silky fur caressing her warm, bare skin.  “God, this thing is fabulous.”  Rolling onto her side, Cate clutched the blanket against her front.   She twined her leg around its edge and rubbed a soft section to her cheek as her eyes sparkled and her lips curved with contentment.

Jon smiled down at his wife, his eyes tracing slowly over her beautiful body, wrapped in long tresses of mahogany and plush waves of sable fur.  She looked relaxed, satisfied… happy.  That’s all he had hoped for when he came up with this gift idea.  He just wanted to see her smile.

Pushing himself forward, Jon crawled over and lowered himself to the floor behind Cate, on the edge of the blanket.  Moving to make room for him, Cate rolled onto her stomach and pillowed her head on her arms, facing him.  They gazed at each other for a long moment, not needing words to express what they were feeling.

Finally Jon broke the silence.  “Merry Christmas, Baby.”  He reached out to trace his finger over a long strand of auburn hair that lay rippling down Cate’s back.  “I hope you like your present.”

“I do.  So much.”  Cate smiled.  “Best shopping trip I’ve ever had.”  She giggled softly.

Jon grinned.  “Yeah, wasn’t bad for me either.  And I don’t have to carry all the shopping bags home.”  He drew his fingertips down Cate’s back, caressing her warm skin.  Cate watched Jon’s face, reading his thoughts and emotions in his expression as his gaze followed the path of his hand on her body.

Jon’s smile gentled as his fingertips brushed over the bump to the right of Cate’s spine.  He regarded her tattoo, tracing his touch lightly over the cross and circle that surrounded the raised scar.  His heart clenched as he recalled the story of the marks, first the bullet wound then the ink.  For the thousandth time Jon sent up a prayer of thanks that Cate had survived and that he had found her.

There were tears in his eyes when he raised his face back to Cate’s.

Cate gazed lovingly into Jon’s sparkling blue eyes for a long moment, her heart full and her soul content.  “You’ve done so much for me,” she finally whispered.  “Because of you I’m alive.  Truly alive, Jon.  Not just going through the motions and closing off a part of me I thought had died.”  She stroked a gentle finger over his cheek.  “Thank you so much.”

A tear slipped from the corner of Jon’s eye as he laid his head on his arm and gazed earnestly back at her.  “No Baby.  You’re the one who saved me.”  He paused for a breath, trying to find the words to explain.  “I can’t imagine what my life would be like now, without you.  You keep me grounded, you keep me sane.  I don’t have to face the specter of growing old alone.”  He smiled.  “This is the first Christmas in a long time I’ve been truly happy.  Because this is my first Christmas as your husband.”

Jon and Cate smiled silently at each other for a long moment, then drifted together for a tender kiss.  When their lips parted Cate tipped her forehead against Jon’s and giggled softly.  “So does this mean I get to shop the Spring Collection for Valentine’s Day?”

Jon laughed, blinking the moisture from his eyes as his lips parted in the special smile he saved only for Cate.  “Only if I get to model it for you.” 

“You got yourself a deal, Baby.”  Cate stole another sweet kiss from Jon as she reached up to trail a finger through the silver fur blanketing his chest.  "But Valentine's Day is a long time away, and the night is still young, right?"  She shifted onto her side, facing him.

"Mmmm.  We do have this nice soft blanket to share."  Jon chuckled and rubbed a hand over the luxe faux fur.  "Would be a shame to not break it in properly."

"My thoughts exactly."  Cate gave Jon a saucy wink.  "I think maybe we should roll around on it for awhile.  Maybe be a little naughty, since we've been so nice all year."

"Baby, what we just did is gonna land us on the naughty list anyway, so why stop now?"

Cate chuckled.  "Well, He does know if we've been bad or good."

"I can say for certain, Baby, that Santa knows we're good at bein' bad."  Jon grinned and scooted closer to Cate, reaching for her. "So I guess in the Spirit of the Season....."

Jon chuckled dirtily in Cate's ear as he wrapped his body around hers.  "I'll be your Ho Ho Ho, Baby."

Cate giggled as his lips closed over hers.



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